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Top DIY Ideas for Home Projects

DIY Ideas for Home Projects

How to DIY guides designed to help you with your DIY home projects

We aim to encourage everyone from novices to experts feel confident in completing DIY home decor projects safely and to a high standard
We also provide information on alternative power and heating sources to fossil fuels in our environmental page.
We give you the pros and cons on these alternatives to assist you in your decision making process on choosing an alternative energy source.
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Our vision is to bring together novices, hardcore diy’ers and professionals to exchange ideas and tips on carrying out home improvements in and around the home safely.

We aim to continually improve and maintain a high level of information and advice on safety and trade tips.


We believe that this vision is attainable through a clear-eyed approach to all our work in gathering updated industry approaches to safety matters and incorporating them in DIY. To prevent injuries, damages and deaths caused by carrying out DIY. By communicating this with everyone that uses our website.


DirtyDIY is built on the following values: Safety, commitment and integrity.

These values remind us and encourage us to continually improve and build upon the provision of high quality safety information that we bring to you.

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