How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Your Energy Cost
31st January 2017
Wind Power
31st January 2017

GOING GREEN? Thousands of people have been empowered not only to save money and energy but also to conserve our planet's resources for future generations.

There are countless reasons why more and more smart people are deciding to go solar. Here are five valuable benefits of going solar

Free Energy

  • Solar energy comes directly from the sun. This energy drives the weather and climate and supports nearly all life on earth. Heat and light from the sun is now being harnessed to provide pure and free energy to heat your home’s hot water and even your swimming pools.

Saves Money

  • Solar power offers you long-term savings of up to a third on your electricity bills enabling you to save thousands of pounds over time.

Saves Our Global Resources

  • Millions of people have found it attractive to go solar because they are saving the environment and their families. The fact is that solar power does not pollute our atmosphere. Environmentalists are welcoming the increase in solar power installations. The solar power alternative eliminates having to use green house gases, harmful pollutants, and fossil fuels or release harmful contaminants into our atmosphere.

Increase Your Property’s Value

  • Solar panels can add value to your home in a few different ways. Firstly, the lower electricity bills are a great incentive to buyers due to the steeply rising prices of traditional energy. A recent study has shown that a third of UK buyers would be willing to pay more for a house with solar PV installed, in order to benefit from lower energy bills. Solar panels also last for a long time with little maintenance, when properly installed by an approved Installer. Solar panels can also add value to your house by raising the house’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) grade.

Low Maintenance

  • Solar panels typically last over 15 years. Solar units have few, if any, moving parts. Once the panel is installed, there is very little on-going maintenance required. Cleaning can be an issue in Southern Europe, North Africa, or anywhere the rainfall is low and airborne dust is high. A layer of dust will build up on the modules causing a drop off in electricity generation. In the UK we are lucky to have a good supply of rainfall, just about all year round at regular intervals. The rain will bring the modules' self-cleaning properties into play, and a good shower will even remove bird droppings. A layer of light dust deposited in most dry periods in the summer will have little effect on the electrical generation.