How to Choose a Double Glazing Supplier

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Tips For Choosing a Double Glazing Supplier

Any installation undertaken by a company, which is not registered with FENSA or a similar body, or has been done as a DIY project by a homeowner, will need full Local Authority Building Control approval. All Local Authorities will know of the registered businesses in their areas and can identify unauthorised work very easily. It should be noted that the homeowner is ultimately responsible for ensuring the installation complies with these requirements.

Quality of Installers

Ensure that the installer has had a wide and varied experience of installing replacement windows and doors; this will enable you to get quality installation in your home. Ask the window supplier to arrange a visit to previous installation’s that have been carried out by the installer. Any good company should have a quality procedure in place and monitoring of their installers would be part of this.

Window and Door Security

The windows and doors installed in our homes provide protection from the elements. Often we forget they also provide an important barrier for our families to the unwanted intruders! The British Standards Institute test windows to an “Enhanced Window Security Kite mark BS 7950” which test to ensure that they surpass strict security standards. A similar standard PAS 023/024 is also available for doors. Protect your family, home and possessions by insisting that supplier has achieved these standards and can provide copies as proof.

Selecting a Supplier

Choose a supplier with Experienced Representatives in getting the correct information on design, fire escapes, ventilation and finishes. Speaking to family, friends and neighbours about their experience can be a good source of finding a reliable supplier.

Check Accreditation

Quality accreditations from world renowned British Standards Institute (BSI) and British Board of Agreement (BBA) or membership to the trade governing bodies

Certass Limited is a UKAS accredited certification body for the operation of a Competent Person Scheme under a Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) license and a PAS2030 Energy Efficent Measures scheme.

Certass was established in 2006 and is dedicated to raising standards in the glazing industry. Membership of Certass enables contractors to self-certify installations as an alternative to submitting a building notice or using a local authority approved inspector.

In simple terms, this means that Certass financially and technically assesses its members to ensure they meet current UK building regulations. Once an installation is complete, Certass notifies the local authority and the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate is issued to the homeowner.

Visit the Certass website

FENSA is a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors and roof lights in England and Wales

FENSA works with thousands of double-glazing contractors in England and Wales. In choosing FENSA double-glazing registered company the consumer is offered greater protection when purchasing double-glazing for their home.
For peace of mind, homeowners can use a FENSA registered business for double-glazing installations: FENSA has issued over 9 million window and door homeowner certificates and is the recognised double-glazing industry leader.
It is imperative that you ask every supplier to back up verbal claims with documentary evidence that they have certification.

When choosing a supplier it’s always important to ask yourself whether you feel confident that the supplier you are considering will look after your products throughout the guarantee period.

Search for members on the FENSA member search


To ensure that you have chosen the best supplier to install your windows or doors - check, check then check again. A good firm should always make you feel confident about their abilities to look after you and there is no stronger recommendation that they can receive than speaking to customers about their experiences. Not every customer of a supplier will be 100% satisfied, however ask about the products and service and whether they would deal with the firm again. Good companies recognise the importance of happy customers and like keeping a solid reputation in order that the customer will recommend them and where possible, purchasing more products.

Before you sign a contract

Be sure to ask whether the installer is able to self-certify. If not, an application to Local Authority Building Control for approval under the Building Regulations will need to be made by either the installer or the homeowner before any installation work can commence. This will incur additional cost that you may not have considered in your budget.

After-Sales Services

When choosing a supplier it is always important to ask yourself whether you feel confident that the supplier that you are considering will look after your products throughout the guarantee period. It has become fairly common practice for companies to reduce their guarantee responsibilities and this only becomes apparent when reading the detail of your agreement. In addition many companies make customers jump through hoops by insisting that all complaints must be put in writing, causing unnecessary delays in responding to the problem. Give your supplier a real grilling about how services requests are handled and speak to as many family and friends as possible, about their experiences.

Good luck with your renovation, and always bear these tips in mind!