How to Save Space in Your Bathroom

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31st January 2017
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When it comes to bathrooms small can be beautiful, though a few bright ideas can help the space you do have flourish. Adopting a few, clever space-saving ideas could be all you need to ensure that you can still create your dream bathroom without having to make compromises. There are so many great ideas to choose from and here are a few to get you started.

Simple Tiling

A continuous run of tiles in a light colour helps to create a spacious feel. If you can, it is vital to use a similar shade of tile on the walls and floor and even around a built-in bath.

Swap Shower Curtains for Screens

Shower curtains look untidy and block your eye line. If you need one to position a shower over a bath, pick a transparent one and replace regularly. Otherwise, opt for a clear glass bath screen.

Use White as a Backdrop

White bathroom suites help create the most space. Even though it is quite obvious and may be dull, you are better off adding the quirky touches with wall coverings and accessories rather than the bathroom suite itself.


If you’re refitting your bathroom, make a floor plan first so you can work out how to use ‘dead’ space.

If you have awkward angles, small areas cut off behind the door, or a particularly narrow room then working out the exact dimensions before searching for baths, showers, sinks and toilets that will fit is essential to your wallet and your patience!

Fix those Cracks

Pay attention to the finer details. In large bathrooms it’s possible to overlook chipped paintwork, mildew or cracked tiles. In a small bathroom, the imperfections will be obvious.

Combine Furniture with Utilities

If wall space is tight, consider positioning the sink or the toilet at the end of the bath, in a built-in unit. A vanity unit is a fantastic space-saving solution for small bathrooms. They fit into small areas and help to unclutter the room.

Conceal Clutter with Doors

When choosing, it’s best to go for designs that have doors. If you have shelves then invest in a few baskets so everything can be hidden away.

Use Wall Space Instead of the Floor

If you are suffering with limited floor space but have more than enough wall room to play around with, then pick wall hung sinks and vanity storage units

Store Towels Elsewhere

Talking of towels, while spacious bathrooms might look very nice with bundles of fresh towels stored on shelves, in small bathrooms this can close the room in. Therefore, you would save a lot of space by storing spare towels elsewhere in your home.

Under Floor Heating

Although radiators do not take up a huge amount of space, their use in a small room can look cluttered very quickly and a wall space can be hard to come by. You may want to consider under floor heating for this situation because it would be out of sight and it would not take up any space in the compact room.

Last But Not Least...

We have already mentioned that having a white bathroom is best, but often a totally white scheme can have the effect of making the room look smaller. To create definition or points of interest use colour cleverly, as counterpoints. If there’s a particularly nice aspect of the room, then draw attention to it with a splash of coloured paint, and make sure there are accent colours here and there, perhaps in prints on the walls, or the use of plant pots.